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OA Windsor 4T Outlet Box
Terminal/pendant-style rubber outlet box with threaded 1/2" NPT cord grip opening and 1/2" Hubbell cord grip.


Price includes:

  • one OAW 4T box
  • one cover for 4 Edison Duplex receptacles
  • one 1/2" Hubbell cord grip
  • cover mounting screws


4T boxes accommodate 4 Edison Duplex receptacles facing upright. The bottom of the box is solid and has 5 pad feet.

See the "Cord Grip Chart" on this page for specifications.


REMEMBER YOUR RECEPTACLES! Receptacles may be ordered separately on the Receptacles, Connectors, & Plugs page.


OAW 4T and 11T Box Comparison

4T: accommodates 4 Edison Duplex receptacles facing upright

11T: accommodates two Edison Duplex receptacles facing upright

Please contact us if you have questions.

OA Windsor 4T Outlet Box

  • Cord Grip Chart

    Cord Grip Options

    Cord Range

    (outer diameter)

    SHC-2022-CR .250 - .375
    SHC-2023-CR .375 - .500

    .500 - .630

    *Cable jacket may
    have to be stripped
    to pass through
    connector body.




Due to a high volume of orders, new orders may take longer to process than usual.

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