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OA Windsor TOP1 PowerCON Outlet Box

A durable OA Windsor rubber box and genuine Neutrik brand TOP1 powerCON NAC3MPX and NAC3FPX connectors team up for flexible power distribution. Box has one powerCon input and one powerCON output.


Box Options:

  • Assembled Double Duplex TOP1 PowerCON Outlet Box: includes two Hubbell Edison Duplex 5352 spec. grade receptacles facing 180 degrees away from each other (back to back), assembled with connectors and covers.
  • Assembled Single Duplex TOP1 PowerCON Outlet Box: includes one Hubbell Edison Duplex 5352 spec. grade receptacle, assembled with connectors and covers.
  • Unassembled TOP1 PowerCON Outlet-Box Only: unassembled box drilled for powerCON input and output, and includes covers and cover screws only (does not include connectors or receptacles).


Additional Configurations and Wiring

Additional configurations are available by custom order. Also, we can wire and assemble your boxes with a variety of options to meet your power distribution needs. If you'd like your box(es) customized, contact us to discuss options and prices.

OA Windsor TOP1 PowerCON

  • Cover Option Description

    Select your covers from the "Cover Option" menu on this page. Choose from these cover options:

    • 2D: two Edison Duplex covers.
    • DB: one Edison Duplex cover and one blank cover.
  • PowerCON Connector Specifications

    From the Neutrik website:

    "The powerCON is a locking 3 conductor equipment AC connector with contacts for line, neutral and pre-mating ground contact. It replaces appliance couplers wherever a very rugged solution in combination with a locking device is needed in order to guarantee a safe power connection.


    The powerCON TRUE1 is a connector with breaking capacity (CBC), i.e. it can be connected or disconnected under load or live.


    • True mains connector with breaking capacity (CBC)
    • Lockable 16 A single phase connector (USA: 20 A)
    • Easy and reliable twist lock system
    • Extremely robust and reliable
    • ENEC certified according to IEC 60320
    • UL recognized components
    • IP65 ingress protection in mated condition and unmated in combination with SCNAC-FPX"

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